Destiny RX-10SR 2.0 Tourenwagen Carbonversion

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  • New high quality hard coated short dampers with POM pistons and 20mm damper springs.
  • New design front and rear lower shock towers to compatible the new front and rear short dampers. Made by USA high grade graphite materials.
  • New design front and rear 7075 aluminum upper bulkhead and linkage mount. It makes fine adjustment on roll center.
  • New design single piece 7075 aluminum floating servo mount and bell crank steering system. It makes change on chassis flex to improve the steering response.
  • New design belt ratio to reposition the motor forward. It makes more steering response and cornering speed.
  • New design high grade composite front and rear lower suspension arms, steering knuckles, c-hubs and rear hubs plastic parts from Xenon Racing
  • New toe-in battery mounting design. Change the battery position and angle as adjust the proper weight balance by 7075 aluminum battery mount.
  • Front spring steel double CVD included as makes smoother in corner.
  • 7075 aluminum front and rear suspension mounts. Three different size of suspension mounts to makes wider range adjustment on track width from 40.7-49.5mm.
  • Plastic eccentric bushing for suspension. Fine adjustment on toe-in and toe-out angle in 0.3 degree per step.
  • 7075 aluminum front and rear lower bulkheads.
  • 7075 one piece motor mount design with special function of multi chassis flex adjustment by mounting screw position.
  • Transmission ratio changeable to compatible with difference race classes, track size or condition. 37T/20T in ratio 1.85 and 38T/20T in ratio 1.9.
  • 2.25mm USA high grade graphite materials for narrow design main chassis, 2.0mm for upper deck and 3.0mm front and rear shock towers.
  • 2/4/6 deg caster insert is selectable to assembly to c-hub. Large open on c-hub for easy install or remove front cvd.
  • In-line design on steering knuckle. Re-position ball bearings and CVD joint CENTER. Maximum decrease the noise and wheel vibration. Maximum increase steering efficient and cornering speed.
  • 7075 aluminum wheel adaptors. Lightweight and reliable on drivetrain.
  • Full set low friction coating aluminum damper balls and ball studs.
  • 7075 aluminum rear cvd dogbone.
  • High precision 4 gears differential with 7075 aluminum weight reduced gear drive cups.
  • High quality and lightweight plastic front spool set.
  • 7075 aluminum steering and upper link turnbuckles. Black color anodized.
  • Bearing supporting front and rear anti-roll bar system.
  • 64P 112T spur gear from Xenon Racing
  • 26 pcs high grade ball bearings.

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